One of the funnest RTS's ever concieved...

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
I admit, it was a while before I bought this game ever since its Spring 2006 release. I aquired this game on Thanksgiving and have enjoyed the many hours I've spent playing it. The gameplay is good, and I often found myself getting many more credits than the NPC and when I expanded my territory so much so that the NPC only had 1-3 planets, I found myself pulling all my forces away from the surrounding planets, hoping that the enemy would mount an invasion on my unprotected planets, but they never did which makes it lose a few points.

Speaking of points being docked... The graphics are second rate. Often the terrain on land battles seems more at place in Age of Mytholgy. Also, there are only about 90 people playing online, and whats even worse are that most of the servers there are reserved.

The worst thing about this game though, is the fact that the rebs suck at space combat, and the Empire sucks at land battles.

But, all in all, if you like RTS'S OR Starwars, then you should check out this game!!!