It seem that the producer trying to attract player to the Consortium; they make them too powerfull.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
Consortium ; starfighter easily defeat the others with bugs; their hero Bossk is not for Millennium Falcon and Boba; but extrem dagerouse for any other type of battle ship with missle that can penertrate shield. Well to make it short the power of the Empire is from number; they have a lot of free fighter and bomber- but Consortium fighter easily wipe your fighter and bomber out if you dont pay attention to them -; the strenght og the Rebel is shield - but most of Consortium battle ship able to penertrate your shield -. Their most stupid idea is to create the Vengeance; this ship is very very tough against any type of lazer attack even though they dont have shield; with 2 mass drive gun they easily wipe any battle ship or fighter available up to the lv 4 star base. And last their Aggressor-class Star Destroyer is increadible strong against any type of your battle ship and star base; with 2 shot they can destroy any hard point of your ship or star base since the second shot can penertrate shield - except Rebel Mon Calamari-designed warship and bomber - no ship able to fight against it.