While the ground combat isn't anything special, the space games will have you coming back and back again!

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
Star Wars Empire at War is the latest Star Wars RTS game. It is based in the Civil War era with the rebel alliance and galactic empire.

Gameplay- The ground combat isn't anything amazing. You land your troops bu are limited to reinforcement "points". To get more points you need to capture certain areas on the map so you can get more points. Nothing very special, but where the game shines is in space battles. The space battles are superb, the only downside is they are repetitive, but they look so cool most Star Wars fans won't care. You basically have a space station that serves as your base which can be upgraded to have better armor and defenses. You win by destroying the enemies Space Station or all their units. You gain resources by taking over asteroids and building mining facilities from them.
Graphics- This goes hand to hand with the space awesomeness. While on the ground, the vehicles, terrain, and effects look great the humanoid infantry units are lacking. They look stocky, and not that great, but you won't really notice and you shouldn't care to much. In space, the ships look awesome. The units are made to scale well. You will see mammoth Star Destroyers dwarf all other ships by it. The effects and the animations are great.
Sound- The music is probably one of the best parts of the game. When you engage in battle you get this really epic music, really setting the mood for an epic battle. The blasters, lasers and other weapons all sound great and well done.

This is probably one of the best Star Wars games out there, definently the best Star Wars rts game. A must have for any Star Wars fan, and rts fans will love it also.