Some Oe Call Da fire Begade, Dis Game Is On Fire!

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
You may expect dis from a star wars/computer nerd but dis game is really amazing! as dare is a new team added to the war (zann consorsiam)* it has added a bit more flavour 2 da game. They have outstanding weapons like rancors and massive ships with a massive gun on a front (something u would expect from a star wars game.) There is also a new story line just 4 dia new team witch really is worth looking into. As well as dis new faction, dare is more units added 2 both teams (the rebels and da Empire) like da new death star II for the Empire and da new B-wing 4 da rebels. da galatic conquest makes da game more worth while. u want to know about it. read da gamespot reveiw and if it's not dare, buy da game.
10/10 way better dan da first one. Good 4 da old timers but also good 4 ones how like a good stratugy*

* probably not spelt right