Decent game. A hybrid of "Force Commander", "Galactic Battlegrounds", and "Rebellion".

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
The Star Wars franchise seems to do well at implementing new technologies (i.e. Force Commander's adjustable cameras and 3D objects), however, LucasArts rarely spends enough time polishing out the major flaws before rushing the game onto storeroom shelves (I'm not going to list the previous SW disasters). I love SW, so I've played almost all of their games. Sometimes I'm happy, other times I'm embarrassed that LucasArts actually released the game. Empire at War is a significant improvement over past disappointments. I'm particularly impressed with how the developers integrated the good elements from previous games like "Force Commander", "Galactic Battlegrounds", and "Rebellion" into a single, cohesive game. The game is easy to play, runs smoothly even on mediocre systems, but lacks replay value because the AI is predicable. Overall, well done LucasArts.