Best Star Wars Stratagy Game to Date.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
Finaly, I can destroy planets with the Death Star!

Star Wars EAW's expansion brings 15 new units as well as many new official maps and unlimited amount of fan created maps.

Forces of corruption gives players a new take on galactic control. Instead of Imperial Might or Rebel Morals, The Zahn Consortium takes the role of the Criminal background and its Corruption of the estlishment through bribery, piracy, blackmail, and spying. Lead by yourself its up to you to chose sides, corrupt the galaxy, save it, or rule it.

Featuring both epic space battles and titanic ground invasions, Empire at War and its Expansion give star wars RTS fans a new ability to control the planet or starve out its enemies through blockades and orbital bombardments. So its a must have for fans of Battlegrounds as it expands the players military reach across the Star Wars universe.

Forces of Corruption also has two new campaigns, Rebel and Zhan. The rebel campaign expands of already established Star Wars lore and the Zhan created all new stories of adventure.