One of the best

User Rating: 8.7 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
It will be. If one can look beyond it's graphics and overcome the steep learning curve, this game will easily win your heart.

The space battles in this game are epic, with heroes which are powerful, but not invincible. Trust me, the thrill of seeing a group of Y-Wings taking out an Acclamator class cruiser twice it's size is one you won't easily forget. Or the sight of a huge wave of TIE-fighters swarm over a Mon Calamari Cruiser and bringing it down (albeit with huge losses) One disappointing factor is that you practically have to monitor every unit closely. If you leave it out of your sight for more than a minute, it will either drift away into an empty space on the map, or worse, into the enemy-controlled portion of it.

Land battles however, are much more difficult, and much less fun. Maybe it's an "acquired taste", but you'll most likely be playing space battles in the end. For some reason, I find the sight of an AT-TE less appealing than a Tartan Cruiser. Also, in terms of graphics, zooming in to a land battle to view it in cinema mode is horrible as opposed to the space battle, where it is infinitely better.

The third way of playing is the tactical way. Here is where you determine what goes where, and what to build. You can invade other planets, or build up your strength on your current planet(s) waiting for your opponent to attack.

One should first play as the Empire before attempting the Rebels, as the Empire campaign is easier. The Empire simply gets more resources than the rebels, since they control more planets. The Rebels are weak in the beginning and you'll find yourself hitting the screen in frustration at the third mission. Then again, you might want to just forget about the campaigns and simply fight the skirmishes. It's fun but it gets boring quickly, especially if you're playing on easy.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of Star Wars or RTS, get this game. If not, you may enjoy the space battles all the same, but the land battles will be sure to put you off.