Excellent gameplay and good graphics. Must have for star wars fans.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
I would have given 10/10 for this game if not for some buggy issues. Firstly, the game builds on the old Empire At War plot, and adds in a new faction with more than 30 new units for all three factions. Rather fittingly the battles get bigger and better. The graphics were as good, if not better than the first game. Forces of Corruption tied up some issues faced on the original one for me. For example, the original tended to lag insanely at the start screens, while FOC does not. Unfortunately, FOC has not reduced the miserly unit cap, which is rather irritating to fans of huge, graphics-intensive battles. Pity Pity Pity. Hopefully a mod comes out in future to fix this problem. Some issues that have to be further looked into are mere nitpicking, such as the loading screens being rather slow. The graphics ran quite smoothly on my computer, which has a 128MB dedicated graphics card. With the excellent plot, gameplay, new units and features, this game definitely deserves a high rating. Apart from the little performance issues mentioned earlier, Star Wars: Empire At War Forces of Corruption Expansion should provide many hours of fun and not bore you after two hours like the original one. Performance issues aside, I easily give this game a full score.