Star Wars is successfully introduced to the RTS genre.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
Star Wars: Empire at War is a brilliant game for both Star Wars and RTS fans alike. It sucks you into it completely after playing it for about 10 minutes and you never want to stop. The campaign modes will eat away your social life ("Just one more battle...") and the Galactic Conquest will have you strategising your plan the whole day. The amazing visuals along with the fantastic quality of the sound will make you really feel like you are in the battle. There are 3 different modes in the game (excluding the multiplayer). First there's the campaign. You can play as either the Empire or the Alliance in a story driven series of missions (along with taking over planets here and there to boost your wealth and army) which starts long before Episode IV. Reliving great battles from the movie and fighting in those you've never seen before are both equally thrilling experiences. Galactic Conquest requires more of a strategic mind as you fight against the opposing faction for control of the galaxy. Unlike the rest of the game, this part requires a bit of previous experience of RTS's to play. The Skirmish mode is pretty simple as it lets you jump straight into the action, build your army from scratch and destroy the enemy's base.
Anyway, I would highly recommend this for fans of Star Wars or RTS's.