The best expansion for a game like Empire At War

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
With the grandeur that had been created in Empire At War, it was pretty easy for Forces of Corruption to mess it all up. However, Forces of Corruption has hit back hard and in a good way too.

1. Gameplay - Forces of Corruption introduces a new faction known as the Zann Consortium. The Zann has the unique ability to corrupt planet instead of capturing them. In this way the Zann can siphon away a large sum of the money of both the Empire as well as the Rebels. They have no political affiliations as such and can corrupt any planet irrespective of their inclination. The army that can be housed by the Zann are pretty powerful, in fact, way too powerful that even the Empire.

2. Story - This game introduces a new faction into the Star Wars Universe. Technically they are the mafia of the Star Wars Universe. The Zann were pretty much disliked by the Empire and hence their leader Tyber Zann was captured by Vader. However, Zann escapes from their clutches and launches his own personal vendetta against the empire. And because if his one time affiliation with the empire, he has always housed a feeling of hatred against the Rebels. So he decides to attack them as well. So finally we get a massive battle of the 3 most powerful galactic forces clashing against each other.

3. Music & Graphics are pretty much the same as it is an expansion.

I recommend that you should go and buy it, and if you liked the first part, then definitely you should buy it.