The Galactic Empire built your way

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
Well an awesome game universe presented in an awesome way. That's the best way to describe Star Wars - Empire At War.

1. Gameplay - You can play as either the Galactic Empire or the Rebellion. You can engage each other in a minor skirmish or a universe wide deathmatch or more commonly the Galactic Conquest mode. In the former, you can choose to play either a land skirmish or a space skirmish. In either cases you'll be provided with a base and some troops. You are then required to build up your forces and attack your opponent. Your primary source of income in either cases is from mines(land or space) which you have to capture. However, in the Galactic Conquest mode (my personal favorite) you'll start off with a given galaxy and a few planets to your side (Empire or Rebellion). Each side follows a different set of campaign missions. In this format of game, you'll not be allowed to build your forces in the battle. Instead you'll have to build up your forces in the planets under your dominion and then prepare for an invasion of the planet you want to capture. You'll first have to clear off the air space of the planet with a space battle. Then you may land your forces on the ground to commence the land invasion. In both these battles, you'll only start off with a minor fraction of the actual force with which you had invaded the planet. You may however call for reinforcements which will land at specific reinforcement points, only if it is captured by you. Each reinforcement point that you capture adds to the total limit of reinforcements that you can call. Another interesting aspect of the gameplay is the fact that you can view the ongoing battle in a cinematic perspective. I love this feature.

2. Story - Well there isn't much of a story that I can tell (for those interested find out from George Lucas - or at least watch the 6 Star Wars movies). This game chronicles what had been going on the empire after the 3rd movie (Revenge of the Sith). You can play as the Rebellion and attempt to bring a faster end to this war or you may play as the empire and seal off the fate of the rebellion by crushing them. Either way, it's your choice to play the game by history or your imagination.

3. Music - I shouldn't and obviously can't comment on the music given by George Lucas. I waiver that there isn't a single person on the face of this Earth who wouldn't like the music.

4. Graphics - The graphics of the game are pretty nice, especially when you are fighting the enemies in a zoomed in mode, or the cinematic mode. Personally, I liked the space battle cinematic more than the ones shown in land battles.

A must have for any Star Wars or RTS fan, this game is sure to steal all your time away.