This Expansion.......... Suprisingly tops the original game with brand new content!

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
This is a review of Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption for the PC
The last game I reviewed, Star Wars Empire at War for the PC, was hands down the best Star Wars game ever in my opinion but the expansion was there, my dad bought it and now I feel it tops the previous game easily. Let me tell you why.

The controls are basicly identical to the prequel, so please refer to my Empire at War review. Just click on my name next to the Jin Kazama Picture.

The Gameplay is basicly the same as it's prequel which is good but with brand new content. Instead of just controlling the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, Forces of Corruption allows players to play the Zann Consortium, the criminal faction of Star Wars led by Tyber Zann. The Zann Consortium offer a unique way to conquer the Galaxy. Players can now corrupt planets like regular criminals corrupt areas of the street. The best part about this game is that you don't have to go through the procedure of capturing Land and Space. Instead, you can use Defilers to planets, choose a mission and just battle land or space combat. On top of that, once you corrupted planet you get the option to commit Piracy and steal other faction's technology (hey, you stole my design you dolt!) and even commit slavery, Bribery and other unholy deeds. The Zann Consortium is not my favourite faction but Kudos to Lucas Arts for creating a new faction. If you are still loyal to the Empire or the Rebellion, the old units are still there but there are new units such as Tie Interceptors, Jedi Master Yoda, Grand Admiral Trawn etc. And there are 13 new planets, stretching the location number to 93 planets. (HOLY MOLY! I GOTTA PINCH MYSELF!). All in all, awesome gameplay!

The Graphics are the same as the prequel. They are good but like the prequel, the texures are the strongest part in the visuals department as they are crispy clean.

The Downsides were that there were some performance issues like lowering the frame rate a fraction and the online play is still not worth your time.

The Forces of Corruption Expansion tops the prequel easily. Let's overview the facts shall we? The Prequel looked like it was so hard to top

The Good: new units, 93 planets in total, crispy clean texures, strateigic deph, Consortium offers new ways to conquer the galaxy, new heroes, same addictivness from the prequel, new buildings in ground battles increases tactical strategy

The Bad: Online mode is still not worth your time, some performance issues.

The Ugly: If I gave this game a 10/10, would I give it any ugly points? No!