This Strateigic masterpiece is essensial for any PC Collection!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
This is a review of Star Wars Empire at War for the PC.
Star Wars games like Spider-Man games are always in good quality in terms of gameplay. But with Empire at War, Lucas Arts really outdid themselves and did justice to the Strategy Genre of the Star Wars leigon of video games. Here we go!

The Story actually has two different sides of perspective depending on who you are playing as but I will make it brief. If you play the Rebels, you join Captain Antillies who journeys to steal the X Wings and Death Star plans from the Empire. If you play the Empire, you join Darth Vader as he tacks down an Imperial Traitor.

You can play the entire game using only your mouse. In the Galactic map, it's your basic drag and drop type of thing. You move your units to different planets by just the left click of the mouse. In battles you click a unit with the left mouse button and order it to move to that location by clicking the right mouse button on the location. To attack a enemy unit, right click on them.

The Music is fantastic as the SFX and the music are the same as the movie. The Voice acting is solid and some of the best impersonations I've ever heard.

The Gameplay is utterly and downright fantastic. There is soo much stuff going on, so much battles, so many powerful units and you control them, you're the boss! You get the choice to play the Rebel Alliance or the Galctic Empire in 3 different modes. Campain is the story of the game, Galactic Conquest is where you can do anything you want and conquer the galaxy your way and finally Skirmish, where you battle in ground or in space in one intense battle. My favourite mode is Galactic Conquest. There are 3 different scenarios, Galactic map, Land combat and Space combat. Galactic map is where the core of the action is. You plan your strategy, build your units, move to different planets in your quest to destroy the opposition. Space Combat is when 2 opposite factions collide in the orbit of the planet and fight using huge captital ships like Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari Cruisers and nimble fighters and bombers like X Wings, Tie Fighters etc. Land Combat is the same thing like space combat, the only difference is that you fight on the ground with Troopers, Soldiers and Tanks with Tremendous firepower. There are literally tons of units to use in battle and you can purchase them on the galactic map. Credits are money in the Star Wars universe. You can use them to purchase units, technology levels etc. You can also bank credits by constructing mine facilities or controling a planet to recieve your daily income. Hero units are iconic characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, Han and Chewie etc, and you command them (ha ha!). Hero units are moderatly powerful single units that can be used only on ground, space or both depending on the Hero. Heroes are extremely useful and carrying them into battle is highly reccomeded although don't send them on thier own or they are likely to retreat early and recover on the galactic map. All in all, lots of stuff which is pure awesomeness!

The Graphics are good. The Character models look good. The Environments on the 80 different planets and locations are cool and unique. The Texures of the game are outstanding as they are crisp and clean and all in all just pleasant to the eye.

The Downsides were that this game would be better off without the online mode because of poor internet connection and the planets sometimes look very familiar

Star Wars Empire at War is the best Star Wars Game ever to date! Lets overview the facts shall we?

The Good: Modes offer unique play, 80 different planets, each faction is completly different in thier own way, easy to grasp controls, lots and lots of deph, Hero units are a fresh twists, lots and lots of content and units for just 256MB RAM.

The Bad: Online mode is shallow, some planets are simmilar.

The Ugly: No ugly points here.

Title: This game is destined to be supremely perfect!!!