Great space battles! THis game is the best! Yeah!

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
This game is really cool! Although the land battles are little dull the space battles are totally wicked! The ship designs are really good and the amount of fire power that the big cruisers have, such as the Star Destroyer is amazing. In the Forces of Corruption expansion pack you play as the Consortium. The Consortium and the empire are the best players in the game. The Rebels aren't good because it takes to long to get there big cruisers. The graphics are real good for this type of game. The AI is very good. The campaign is ok, but I'd stick to skirmish or galactic conquest. Just because their more fun. Land battles are cool but I prefer space battles. The whole thing is a blast to play. Tale over the galaxy or corrupt it. IF I have not said this already, this game rocks! A classic in Star Wars games. Very good!