EAW is a great game to immerse yourself in and waste away the hours

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
Star Wars: Empire At War (EAW from now on) is the second Star Wars RTS to come rolling out of the Lucasarts production line. Whilst I loved the first one (Force Commander), it did need updating due to the fact that the graphics really were terrible and it took a scientist to try and figure the storyline properly.

EAW is set between Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope and it follows either the stories of the Empire or Rebellion as they both battle each other to take control of the galaxy. Play as the Empire and you have the job of secretly constructing the deadly Death Star. Play as the Rebellion and you have the job of trying to stop them... simple isn't it?

Gameplay: Now it's time to get down to business. Empire At War is very easy to play. The controls are basically all point, click and drag with the odd keyboard combination for the more advanced player. There are three basic playing modes that you will encounter throughout your time playing. The Galaxy map, Space battle and Land battle. The Galaxy map requires you to manage your economy, build your Empire and distrubute your troops and ships throughout the galaxy. You can choose to play the game entirely on the Galaxy map due to the fact that there is an auto-resolve button when it comes to battles. This, whilst it may save time, can be costly due to the fact that it makes the computer play the battle in your place. Even if the odds seem to be in your favour be careful, the computer is one terrible player. If you choose to play the battle you will either enter the space or land battle (you must defeat the orbiting fleet before you can land) where again it is just point, click and drag. One brilliant new feature though is BattleCam where the camera actually follows the units in battle as if you were one of the tie-fighters or x-wings.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for a RTS. My only complaints is that the BattleCam zooms in too far to reveal some truly terrible textures.

Sound: In true Lucasarts fashion none of the major characters in the game are played by their film counterparts. Whilst some of the voice-overs can be convincing at times, you need to be really drunk to even remotely believe that Darth Vader is being played by James Earl Jones.

Overall: 8.5
Whilst it is a pretty good game it can get repetitive at times. The storyline is practically identical to the events of the original trilogy with a few irelevant missions inbetween to fill the gap.