About as good as a Star Wars RTS can get.

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
This is an expansion to Empire at War, and probably makes it a truly complete game. I'm not crazy about the third faction, but its a decent twist. The real good part is in the expansion of the units for both Rebels and Empire. For the Empire, you can now play...the ECLIPSE STAR DESTROYER LOL. This is unbelievable fun!! It is massive, it is devastating, and it is the hammer that cuts through defenses. The space combat is top notch in Empire at War, and seeing the Eclipse warp in with a support fleet of Star Destroyers is bliss :) A nice ground addition is the Juggernaut. You might recognize it from Star Wars Episode III. It is a great troop transport with a pinpoint laser defense system against missiles. Dealing with missile batteries was very difficult in the original game.

For the Rebels, the MC-30 cruiser is a God-send. Its batteries of proton torpedoes bring down star destroyers in no time. A couple of these can expect to even take out an Imperial Star Destroyer. The new fighter classes are excellent at dealing with the masses of fighters that spew from star destroyers in battle. As for the ground combat, Garm Bel Iblis and his gargantua is the AT-AT counter for the rebels and makes things quite interesting. I prefered to play the Empire in the first game, but the Rebels get the nod after these additions.

Finally Empire at War is complete!!! A first-class RTS experience.