Good, but stealing credits from right under the empire's nose isn't as exciting as it sounds

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
Star Wars, Empire at war, Forces of corruption is the expansion pack to the very good Star Wars, Empire at War. The game offers good visual details and good sound effects, but ultimately does not bring a lot new to the game.

The new campaign, Corruption, is a minor challenge. Although it is quite fun to begin with and does teach you how everything works, as well as give a bit of background information to the game, the campaign is not new in any ways or forms. The now fraction to the game, the Zann consortium, is a disaster. It does not change the game in any significant way and if you are playing it, it is basically the rebels with a few destroyer droids and a few new ships. The campaign quickly looses interest and all intention to play it. The only reason you might want to play the campaign is that it is the only place which offers the super star destroyers. They are a wonder within, but when the Eclipse is so powerful, you kinda wish they were available in the skirmish game modes and the multiplayer modes too.

The land battles are not worth playing. Average graphics, battling everything out with something like 10 units, no worthwhile tactics to use all take away from what is the best out of an ordinary crop of Star Wars RTS.

The space battles, however, are a delight to behold. First contacts are small and if carefully managed, fairly painless and quick. However, you just can't help but wish that the game had a higher population limit or like the Command and Conquer series, no population limit at all. One star destroyer takes around 20% of your population, meaning you can only have around 4 or five star destroyers on a map at one time. These beauties are the best part of the game, especially when there is a three fraction game when there are up to 10 star destroyers all battling at the same time.

The system requirements for this game is fairly low, especially since computers are updated so often these days. With a midrange system, all the special features can be turned on if you are willing to give up a bit of performance.

SW, EaW Forces of Corruption is essentially a worthy add-on to the EaW game, however, you can't help wishing for just a little bit more.