It's the first Star Wars RTS game of its kind and it managed to pull it off with only a few problematic issues.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
I am sure you won't have played any other Star Wars RTS game out there like this. It takes what we've all wanted and put it into action. You finally have the ability to command your own fleets and armies to quell the Rebellion or overthrow the Galactic Empire.

The most addictive part of the game would have to be the space section. I haven't been able to get this kind of "blast it all" experience anywhere else and EaW has given the huge fanbase what it's been wanting.

The game has different classes of ships starting from fighters, to patrol craft, to frigates, to capitol ships. Each different category have different weaknesses. The ISD has a specific weakness to bombers and other capitol class ships. However, it'll dominate any frigate or smaller ship. Though, you will need your own TIE squadrons to counter the X-Wings or bombers.

Besides the general strengths/weaknesses of the different types of ships is combined with the different strengths of the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion.

The Rebellion overall have weaker ships, but have the capability to have more ships out in the battlefield while the Empire has much more powerful ships. It comes down to quality vs quantity with a mixture of strategy to mix up the balances.

Now there's... land combat. I was very disappointed here and is why the score didn't go past a nine - as well as some other issues I'll get to next.
The land combat isn't anything like your previous RTS games (Starcraft, Galactic Battlegrounds, Age of Empires, Dawn of War, etc.) as the AI seems much stupider as you'll commonly find squads of Rebel troopers or Stormtroopers running past your tanks. Typically the computer will also just throw out their units on random quests to randomly adventure the map with no particular interest for grouping different unit types to get a balanced attack group prepped to attack your main base.

This game has great potential with mods that will no doubt be released for this game. It can take this fast paced RTS game to be a more realistic sense or you can add countless more ships to your arsenal.

If you're looking for a new Star Wars RTS game to try, then this game is definitely worth it - even without the amazing mods.