This star wars game is one that does not fail TO DISAPPOINT YOU WHERE IT COUNTS.

User Rating: 4.5 | Star Wars: Dark Forces PS
What can I say about Dark Forces. I got it back when I was 7 and even then I thought it was bad. The graphics were terrible even for its time, the gameplay was incredibly basic, and the levels were boring. The story of Karl Katarn sparks some interest, and the conquest of the dark troopers is also interesting, but the gameplay is just to terrible to get excited about it. The game means well, but not well enough to make terrible gameplay, frame rate and graphics okay, especially for a star wars game. If they were to remake this game, then it might stand a chance, but for now, star wars dark forces is a game that is uninspired in terms of gameplay and should be passed up.

1. interesting story
2. some novelty value

1. bad gameplay
2. choppy fram rate on the playstation
3. awful graphics, even for the mid 90's
5. storm troopers coming at you look like the old doom game
6. variety of star wars weapons is absent.
7. boring levels.