Old as it is, Dark Forces is still a good game even after roughly 16 years since it originally came out.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars: Dark Forces PC
Star Wars Dark Forces may be old but it's still a fun game. The game may be a Doom clone but unlike Doom Dark Forces actually tells a decent story. You play as mercenary Kyle Katarn as he helps the New Republic find a way to destroy the Empire's plans to build an army of Dark Troopers. Not exactly Episode 4 or 5 caliber story telling but it gets the job done. The game play is exactly like Doom's and takes some getting used to with the aiming. Also the aging graphics can make it difficult to navigate some of the levels especially in the last 3 levels. While not a long or hard game it still has some tough fights and sequences but you can still breeze through in about 10 or 11 hours. While not as important or as genre defining as Doom or other '90s FPS games Dark Forces is still a classic Star Wars game that spawned the much better Jedi Knight games. A must play for Star Wars fans.