A fun fested experience that was great for the gamer experience.

User Rating: 9.3 | Star Wars: Dark Forces PC
I always enjoyed this game. Just a blast to play. Truely a underated game that needs more respect. I've always enjoyed Doom series and Dark Forces brought that back in the Star Wars universe with hours of gameplay and fun makes the game a instant classic. Gameplay - Gameplay is basicly the same as Doom series blasting stormtroopers and simple puzzels makes the gameplay overall great. Lots of different areas and hours of gameplay give it 8 stars. Graphics - Using the Doom engine Dark Forces looked great in it's day and fits the mood of the game. Graphics really are overall great for 95 deserves 9 stars. Sound - Sound is always great in star wars games this game continues with that with some classic sound tracks it gets a 10.0. Value 10.0.