Credits , Blasters and Bounties all in a days work for Jango Fett.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
Iv had this game since a year or two after the PS2 came out and I play this game through once every year because it's just that awesome.

You have an abundance of Bounties to Hunt. As you gain Credits and complete Chapters you can unlock an entire Comic Book thats an unlockable in the game...its very good..and very interesting Comic.

It took me about Three or Four weeks to complete this game my first play through and its just almost as hard as it was back then and this game never gets old not for me at least. I am a Jango Fett / Boba Fett fan though.

The Locations (excluding tatooine) are beautiful or at least awesome to look at.

The game is HARD trust me on that but I wouldent say its Overly Hard there are levels that will make you want to tear you're hair out but thats all a good gaming experience.

The Music is awesome. You also get to find out how Jango found the Slave I and see the Ship he had before and find out how he meets Zam Wessle and this game answers alot of questions about Jango Fett.

The Music is wonderful too.

I give this game a 9.5 out of 10 This game just plain Rocks