Wait a minute! We finally get to play a full game as a Fett and people are complaining?!

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
Sure, Bounty Hunter could have been a better game than it was but I think it met the demand of many gamers/Star Wars fans. We all finally got a chance to play as a Fett in a full featured game! Was it Boba? No...but Jango can do everything he does and technically he's the real thing. It may be easier to forgive many of the game's faults if you're a Star Wars and Boba Fett fan but others may not be as forgiving. The difficulty level can be very uneven from level to level. Also, the storytelling and voice acting does leave much to be desired. Though, It is pretty awesome how in addition to playing through the levels, you can also capture or kill wanted bounties who either maybe hiding or amongst the groups of enemies on the level. I just remember this being a tad difficult at times because you had to actually scan the enemies or NPCs running around to find out if a bounty was on their heads while being attacked by swarms of enemies at the same time. Also, knowing what platforms to land on with your jetpack can be very ambigous some times. This is especially true in the latter portions of the game where you're in enormous canyons where platforms and cliffs are incredibly spaced out.

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- Playing as a legendary Fett!
- Lots of cool weapondry to aid you on your hunts
- Introduces new characters
- Attempts to provide a backstory for Jango and Boba

What's Not-So-Good:

- The music seemed a bit glitchy at times
- Poor storytelling
- The voice acting could have been better

What's Bad:

- Trying to find and catch bounties in the midst of utter chaos
- Having to anticipate which platforms to fly to with your jetpack

In all, despite the drawbacks the game isn't really that bad...of a fan service. Outside of being that, yeah, the game could have been a lot better.