Pretty fun game. Very tough though.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
Star Wars Bounty Hunter is a very fun game. It tells the story of how bounty hunter Jango Fett became involved with Count Dooku and became cloned for the Army of the Republic. The first couple of levels teaches you the basic controls and weapons that you use throughout the game. The first 2 levels are pretty easy to get through. After that not so much. The next levels were so hard that I finally just gave up and used the cheat code that unlocks every single level in the game. Even with all the levels unlocked I still only completed 4-5 levels. What is very frustrating is that in levels where I get stuck and don't know what to do there is no hint, no clue no arrow to point me in the right direction. Nothing. The levels are hard enough to get through but there is separate bounty to hunt in every level. This is very tough because in order to hunt the bounty you have to first identify the suspect with Jango's helmet ID scanner, then tie them up and then claim them as your bounty. This is pretty hard to do though because almost every person with a price on their head is in a group of about 10 guys who are all shooting at you. If you stand there and identify them you get shot and die and if just shoot and kill everyone you don't get the bounty. This is almost as frustrating as the levels.

The game is pretty fun and the story involving Jango and many other characters is very cool but the difficulty and frustration take away from this game.