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User Rating: 5.5 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
Wow I remember when this game first came out and I had it on day number one. I was extremely hyped up for this one and couldnt wait to play it. First thing I noticed for at the time the graphics were solid and the intro was all in all pretty decent. However the game is a little rough around the edges witch can take away from the gameplay value.

Another big thing about this is that the idea and the concept behind the game was indeed very very cool but fell extremely short in a lot of areas. It was often confusing trying to find out where your supposed to go and to unlock certain doors. You were also confined to small structured environments instead of being able to freely move in an open world as you shouldve been able to do.

It was also extremely hard as you find yourself going in circles. Over all I was nice giving the score what i did because I am a huge fan of starwars but it was indeed a bit mediocre for my taste.