A lackluster of the original battlefronts.

User Rating: 6 | Star Wars Battlefront PS4
I have always been a big fan of the the Star Wars Battlefront games for ages and I seriously had very high hopes for this game. Well, my dreams and expectations were crushed when I finally bought this and played a couple of hours in. The original Battlefront games were not only massive but they had so many modes and things to do! Most of which are lacking in this game. You can't fly ships in outer space dog fights, no campaign, no true customizable battles online or offline either. Heck, they even TOOK away vehicles to pilot too. Now it has been reduced to a multiplayer fps game which is well executed by the way. The graphics are beautiful, the general feel is close to battlefield and all but sadly, that's the game's only saving grace. Even as a standalone fps game, it still lacks too many key features to make it as good as anything else in the market. For one thing, you have infinite ammo which is new for the series but at the same time, not exactly welcome. The only thing you have to worry about is overheating your laser weapon which can easily be solved by holding square between shots. Remember the feeling of urgency when you were in battle looking a vehicle to take the fight to your enemies? Well it's gone! EA thought it would be better to just have a power up that lets you summon a vehicle instead! Then the screen pans to the sky where you're suddenly flying a tie fighter for some reason. How did you get up here? Who knows! If collecting power ups in the midst of battle is your thing then you're gonna have a blast here. Doing so in order to pilot aircraft and transform into a hero character gives you more of the impression of playing dodgeball. Laser tag dodgeball. Apart from not worrying about finding ammo crates, or vehicles, the battles are basically the same over and over. Kill the other team, capture the other team's base points and rinse and repeat. The more kills you do, the more points you rack up so you can buy character customization parts and slightly useful weapons. Customization pretty much has the same uniform for every teammate but you can change genders and head options. The worst part is that most parts are locked according to rank in order to give you some sense of progression. So once you're in a lobby, you can change your soldier's appearance but the game chooses which team you're on and what level you'll fight in so don't be surprised if you fight in the same level twice or so. You can still fight offline too but only in controlled training simulations with brain dead AI. Fans of any fps game might get a decent kick from this game but returning battlefront veterans should steer clear from this title especially for its price. Half of the planned game is missing too so you'll also need to pay a hefty price if you want more maps and modes. Until then, you'll just have to enjoy endless level grinding in never-ending battles that cycle through the same sets of stages. Maybe you'll enjoy this title if you're a fan of Star Wars but even with the amount of fanservice, there are too many flaws to look past. So I suppose this game is best suited for hardcore multiplayer fps gamers.