What do you want to see in the new BattleFront?

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What are some new or old features you want to see in the next BattleFront?

For me;

1: Custom Character.

I never did play the hand held BattleFront games because i didnt have a PSP at the time. but i did see they finally added in a Character Creator. you had the freedom to create and play your own customizable soldier incase you got bored of the normal classes. keep the original soldier classes and add new ones. one thing i think they can add is the option to make your created character a War Hero. when you decide you want you character to be a Hero you have access to Jedi/Sith powers and weapons, or be a Commando/Bounty Hunter and equip tools and weapons that are not avaliable to normal troops. your character is stronger but there is a limit to how offten you can play as him/her. just like the other Heros in the other games. a DLC could also work for the Custom Character for when Cartoon NetWork has new episodes of The Clone Wars you can download new armor pieces and armor paint jobs. it would also be nice if there wasnt a limit on armor pieces to which faction they go to. that way you could mix and match with more options.

2: Destructable Buildings.

Not only for the fun of blowing stuff up when you're piloting a AT-AT, but so your vehicle doesnt get caught on buildings or when other players and set up a sniping position you can destroy the building to take care of the problem. but certain weapons would be needed to destroy them. like C4 Charges, Bazookas, and ground and air vehicles. that way they are not so easily destroyed and an entire city wouldnt be leveled to the ground half way through a match just by cross fire from the troops.

3: Extra Factions.

The game has always been about the Republic, Empire, Rebellion, and C.I.S. but what about the other factions? like the Mandolarians, Sith Empire, Black Sun Pirates, The Old Republic, and The Army Of Typer Zann? just for when you get tired of playing as the other factions, you can play as a new faction.

4: Cockpit View.

Although not really needed, i still loved to see the inside of the vehicle i was piloting when i played Star Wars Rouge Squadrion.

5: Ground to Space Combat.

Fight 2 different battles at the same time with the help of your space ship. go up into space and take down the enemy War Ship, or go down onto the planet's surface.

6: The rumored WHAT-IF story mode.

This is a rumor i heard years ago. that LucasArts had planned to add in a WHAT-IF story mode like what the Dragon Ball games have. a small change in events that lead to a great change in the story. for example; What if Anakan had let Mace Windu kill Palpatine in Revenge Of The Sith and he never became Darth Vader? or, What if Luke failed to destroy the Death Star? like i said, i've only heard rumors about this. this mode isnt really needed but i was interested in seeing what would have happened if the story took a different turn of events.

7: More bots/players on the battlefield.

This one isnt really needed ether, more for fun actually. have up to 50 players/bots on both sides fighting at the same time. up to 100 people playing on the map all at the same time. just an idea to help make the battles more intense.

8: Monsters and civilians on the battlefield.

Remember the Rancor from Jabba's palace in BF2? well what if it could free roam around the field and attack your soldiers and it served as a mini boss to both sides? like in these images I found on DeviantArt.





I also don't know why I want civilians running around on the battlefield but I guess it would help make some of the planets feel inhabited. I'm not saying to do this one EVERY planet. just the ones that are inhabited.

But this is all just my opinion.

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I just hope they don't change too much of the gameplay.While Battlefield 3 was not realistic to begin with,I just hope DICE doesn't try to make this game realistic.I would hate to use iron sights everytime I want to shoot an enemy.I would like it to be like the classic battlefront games where I just aimed with my crosshairs and shot.No iron sights and no hold to breathe to shoot sniper.

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The only realistic thing i want for the new BattleFront game is the graphics. I want the graphics to be like in First Assault. all the characters were more detailed, and the Storm Trooper armor looked much better. but i also hope they dont make too many changes to the gameplay.

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I just really want to see this on Wii U. I know its been getting a lot of hate but its still a good system with lots of potential. The only thing is 3rd parties like EA don't see that.

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Honestly for me its all about the units. The units in all the Battleront games have been a joke and fortunately, some modders have done amazing things (i.e Extreme Battlefront II) Do you know how many variants of Stormtroopers there are? We should have a nice selection of units and vehicles to pick from. If anyone has played the Extreme Battlefront 2 mod, I would like something very similar to that.

Plus there should be certain special units that are either boss units or can be only selected if you meet certain conditions in the battle. i.e. MagnaGuard droids (with their electro staves) are only available if General Grevious is on the Battlefield, Royal Guards are only available if The Emperor is on the Battlefield or only during certain battlefields etc.

There are are decades of excellent Star Wars gaming material and Battlefront III should not just be limited to movies. It should include:

Knights of the Old Republic (1 & 2) series with units, heroes and battlefields for that franchise. This can totally be possible since EA published The Old Republic MMO.

Republic Commando special units

The Events and Battles of Star Wars: Dark Forces. The Dark Troopers are already in the game and have been since the original battlefront, but put them in the story with the whole Arc Hammer story line. Maybe make General Rem Mohc a hero for the Empire in his Phase III Dark Trooper suit?

Maybe even some planets or battlefields from Star Wars Galaxies: (Dathomir, Coreilla, Lok, etc)

And of course last, but not least everything in the movies.

It should cover game and movie history from the first Knights of the Old Republic to the Return of the Jedi with other games in between.

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No single player missions? WTF? Free-for-all multiplayer does not work for me - I have a brain!

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No single player then I'm not gonna waste my money on this. I want a star wars game with a story in it not just another mp only game. Devs these days are too lazy.

This is EA they have the resources to have made this possible.

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Honestly, what I kind of look for in Battlefront is the Star Wars experience. It's so unique.

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oh nice :D 1 day only more to premiere

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More vehicles. More weapon variety (close, medium and medium-long range instead of all close to close-medium range combat). Bombers for fighting infantry and ground vehicles. Better air vehicle controls, specifically aiming the blaster cannons. Old Republic era maps, vehicles, infantry units and heroes. Would have preferred that this was a class-based shooter, but the card customization thing is ok I guess.

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A story mode for cryin out loud!! This game is awful and very disappointing!!