It is pretty good, but it could have been better...

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
I played a few of the battlefront games from Star Wars, and to be honest in terms of this game, it just appears that this game could have been better, if not improved...but all I feel is a small distraction and letdown at certain points, as if I'm constantly repeating what I'm doing each time I play "Renegade Squadron."

Story: 5 (It claims it is an untold story, to be honest their isn't much point in having it be told at all...)
Graphics: 7 (Decent, mediocre at times, but the space battles are nice to simply watch at times)
Music: 8.5 (Traditional Star Wars-like music, nothing really new here though)
Controls: 7 (Decent, but very difficult at times in this game)
Sound: 7.5 (Some voice acting good, some bad, while battle effects sound like the films, and that isn't a bad thing whatsoever)

The story is about a holocron collector and or librarian (I cannot remember which) and she does research about the "untold story" of Han Solo's "Renegade Squadron", which occurred around the "first" three films (IV-V-VI). While the story is average, it is pretty unnecessary and not very intriguing at all.

The game-play, on the other hand, is pretty good for a PSP title, and with several ways of playing this game give it several ways to give replay value, other than the campaign there is a random attack on a planet, being either the Rebellion or the Empire, even playing through the majority of the levels in the campaign all for the battles. The other way of play is the Conquest play-through. It is a Risk-like game of conquest in which the Rebellion or Empire "take over" the galaxy. Also there are in-game medals to earn from accomplishments performed throughout the game, which kept me attempting to earn the majority of them. There is also a character customization in this game, unfortunately it is pretty boring and limited. The spaces battles in my opinion are one of the best things in this game, as it actually at one point, made me feel like I was in a X-Wing Fighter (okay I was actually a TIE Fighter).

This is an okay game, but the game has an equal level of pros and cons, while the cons are much more noticeable and more prone to irritable play-time, but overall one will enjoy something in this game, especially if they're a fan of Star Wars, if not, then they may be turned off to most games branded with this logo.