Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron is not a very good game

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron is a good game but it is very boring after a while the story mode is pretty bad but the online is fun for a bit but after 30 mins to an hour it gets pretty boring and repetitive the story mode is repetitive and short but it is alright but not as good as the console versions in any way.

Graphics are very bad the character models are very bad the weapons don't look very good and the levels look really bad they all look the same your either in snow or in a jungle so overall one of the worst looking games on the psp not the worst but very close to the worst.

Gameplay is super repetitve all the enemies look the same the controls are horrible and it is just boring the story mode is not very good at all it is short and repetitve and boring and the multiplayer is abit better it is fun in short periods of time but it does get boring and it plays alright but not very good but if you loved the console versions of the game you will most probably like this game as well.

Story is alright compared to the graphics and gameplay but still not that good but it isn't that bad.

Sound is good it isn't fuzzy it doesnt cut out everything sounds really good the sound is one of the best bits of the game.

Replay is non existent there really in not any replay at all really unless you want to keep playing the multiplayer or replaying the story but there is no reason to replay the story as it is very boring in my opinion.

the Good

this one has a story mode
fun for a short while

the Bad

bad graphics
bad control
no replay value
not very good story
extremely short story mode
multiplayer isnt that great
all the weapons are the same with every class

Graphics 4/10

Gameplay 5.5/10

Story 6.0/10

Sound 6.5/10

Replay 4.0/10

Multiplayer 6.5/10

Length of Campaign 2/10

Value 5.0/10

Overall 6/10