This is a great shooter to bring on the road.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
This is the beginning of a great Star Wars Battlefront series. It has the option to customize your player's looks and weapons and abilities. It is very fun when you can also go and get on a spaceship from ground after capturing all the command posts, then flying up into space to take out the enemy's ship. But the fun in all of it is shrouded by some major game play flaws.
The game has a story mode where you find out about some special squadron of troops that were made during episode four of the Star Wars saga. It was Han Solo's Renegade Squadron. It was made of space pirates and the such. Then you play through the short lived story mode, where you are looking back on the Squadron's duties. Not the most interesting, and only do it if you want some more stories to be told in the Star Wars universe, or if you want the medal, but if you don't want either of those, then just play free for all, because it is short, only about eight levels, and is just some boring objectives that aren't too fun, except when you fight some bad ass robots on one level, but other than that, it is an udder snore.
The free for all is the only reason I keep this game. Just going on random levels and killing off the foes is pretty amusing. You can choose from a variety of different places, such as Tatoowine and othr places in the Star Wars universe, including some new entries in the series, such as the Sith world, much like Mustafar, and others. You can play different modes, like choosing to capturing all the command posts, or capture the flag, or other short, entertaining modes.
Then comes the newest addition, the ability to customize not only yourself but your weapons and people. When you are choosing what you'll be, like a certain droid, or perhaps a Greedo like alien, you can choose your colors. Doing this will also allow for your team mates to have different colors much to do, also putting the colors on your spaceships and vehicles. It is a very simple addition, but allows many different ways to do so. For example, I can be a Rebel Wookie, with red and blue colors, using a rifle and a shotgun. Or maybe I would like to be a Dark Trooper with a black and white color scheme and a flamethrower with a jet pack and grenades.
But like the rest of the series there are some flaws. For one, it can get very annoying with controls. While you are flying in space, you can be trying to get a little higher so you won't crash into a spaceship, when you suddenly go backwards, even though you pressed the button that makes you go up. Also, the command posts are back, and for once aren't as good as they usually are. And there's the terrible CPU, where your allies don't help much, but the enemies will kill you easily.
All in all, this is a worthy shooter for the psp, so go out and rent it first. Unless you love your Star Wars.