The PSP adaptation of battlefront is a great game and should be GREAT IF YOU LIKE THE CONSOLE VERSION

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (Bundle) PSP
The first battlefronts were for ps2 and xbox, and they were great star wars games that adapted space flight and field battle. The PSP version is what it should be, a pocket size version of its console brothers with its own twist. Instead of having set classes for each side, you can customize your warriors look and weapons. My personal favorite is the wookie renegade look. The field battle sticks to the formula, but you can also put new bonuses like a personal shield on your warrior. Space battle is done just like the console versions which is great for the PSP. This game is a must play for star wars fans and PSP owners.

1. Sticks to the console versions well
2. Great customization options
3. Story is interesting enough to play again
4. New bonuses add to the battles
5. Brand new playing fields

1. Graphics can be choppy at times
2. Some of the Jedi warriors aren't worth using
3. Story telling is done through drawings