There isn't much going on here

User Rating: 4 | Star Wars Battlefront II XONE

A big thing for me when looking at a sequel is what does this game do differently than the first game? In the case of Battlefront 2, It's not much. The big addition of this game is the campaign. The story follows up the ending of Return of the Jedi and features a main character who just isn't that interesting. And the campaign itself isn't that a unique or even satisfying experience. You are really just playing regular gameplay matches with bots and a cutscene is thrown in every now and then to make it seem like you are playing a genuine campaign when you aren't. And what really disappoints me is that there's no reward for complete the campaign so what's the point in playing it other than getting some achievements?

And now onto the multiplayer. I do like how they cut down the number of players per match because it reduces lag and connectivity issues. I like that there's a mode where you can play as a hero or a villain only, That's a lot of fun. And another new addition I like is that every character is available from the jump and can be levelled up to earn skill points which unlock custom cards that help make the character even more powerful. It gives an added advantage when playing online but that's a dangerous double-edged sword to that because the higher level players have a clear advantage over the lower level players and there's no sorting between the two. All the players are just thrown into the mix together and that's pretty frustrating because it leads to a lot of very one-sided fights. So that's something I really hope they address in the next game.

Other things I noticed is that game modes are pretty much the same as the previous game and while the maps are well designed, They're all from the same locations featured in the last game. I wish they tried to add more variety and more maps in general, There just isn't enough maps to play on and it's boring playing the same locations over and over again. Visually, It's not a bad looking game. On par with what the first game was, which was a good looking game as well. I have no complaints there.

Overall: 4/10
I don't think Battlefront 2 is an improvement from the first game at all. Yes, It does a few things right but for the most part, It's pretty much copy and pastes from the first game. The campaign just seems tacked on and it would have been better if they had just added more to the multiplayer instead. There are no real changes in the gameplay or the game in general, Aside from the level up system being moved from your customizable character to all characters. I'm not saying it's a terrible game. I picked it up for $10 and have enjoyed it for the most part but I think everyone is pretty spot on with their criticism about the game because it sucks.