Even better than the original. Improves on it in every way.

User Rating: 9.3 | Star Wars: Battlefront II XBOX
Story: The single player game tells the story of the 501st through log notes by one of its soldiers. While it isn’t anything special it is a nice thing to have and I’m sure that Star Wars fans will appreciate it. Follow them through the first battle of the Clone Wars at Genosis to the last days of the Empire.

Gameplay: This game is a big improvement on the first. With the addition of new weapons, classes, heroes, and vehicles. For SP you can play a quick tutorial that teachers you what each type of soldier should be doing on the battlefield and ends with you chopping up some droids as a Jedi Master.

The SP game has you in the 501st fighting important battles in the clone wars and later you become Vader’s own personal unit and fight in battles against the Rebellion.

Battlefront 2 greatly improves on the Galactic Conquest mode with the addition of more plants and credits that can be used to purchase upgrades, build new fleets, and hire new soldiers. Each time it is your turn you pick a fleet to move and attack other enemy controlled planets or fight in space battles against them. Some of the upgrades you can purchase are garrison that increases your amount of troops, sabotage that damages enemy vehicles or ships, and leader that lets you play as a Hero for a battle.

Like the last game there is an instant action mode where you can choose a map to play on and how you want to play that battle. Battlefront 2 also adds new gametypes, 1 Flag CTF, 2 Flag CTF, Assault (destroying enemy ships in space battles), hunt mode (you can play as Ewoks VS Imperials, Wampas VS Rebels, etc), or have a Hero battle.

The classes have been changed slightly. For example, there are now only pilots in space battles in ground battles they have been replaced by engineers. Some equipment has been changed as well there is now only one type of grenade but they added det packs that can be set and blown up by a remote. The sniper can no longer call orbital strikes (the Commanders can) but they can now drop auto turrets. The Vanguard troops (ones with rocket launchers) are a lot more useful now, it is much easier to lock on and all vehicles now have a weak point to shoot.

Space Combat is faced paced and a lot of fun. Enemy capital ships can be destroyed on the inside and the outside. Fly a bomber and take out a ships life support, engines, turrets, sensors, communications, bridge, etc. Or land a shuttle inside and lead a group to destroy a ships engines, defense mainframe, etc. You can push the X button on Space and ground battles to lock onto enemies. There are different ships, each better at different things. Interceptors for defending capital ships and shooting down enemy shuttles and bombers, bombers for destroying capital ships, fighters for defending bombers and shuttles, and shuttles for dropping troops off. All ships have eight different rolls they can do to dodge all accessed by pressing the B button once or twice and then moving in a certain direction.

Playing as Heroes is a lot of fun and they don’t seem overpowered. Luke, Mace, Boba Fett, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and even Yoda are just a handful of them. Jedi’s can use force powers like speed, push, pull, saber throw, and choke to kill enemies. They can deflect blaster bolts as well as get around the battlefield quickly with force jump.

One change I like is that vehicles are powerful but not unstoppable like they were in the first Battlefront. Though I will miss getting 200 kills without dying over Xbox Live.

Multiplayer: Is just like single player. You can have a great time playing with your friends on this game. One of my problems with the game is that it still lags a little bit but that can be fixed if you find a good enough host.

Graphics: This game looks great better than the first Battlefront. Nice effects on the explosions and lasers. A few things you might notice here and there but great for the most part.

Sound: Good sound effects, voice acting, and some great music from the Star Wars movies that should please the fans.

Value: Single player, check. Multiplayer, check. Good variety of gametypes, check. Different armies, check. Downloadable Content, check. Looks like this one is worth it.

Tilt: Great game. Improved on the original.

Difficulty: Just right. Starts of very easy but then starts getting harder.

Learning Curve: Very easy to learn. Almost the same as the original Battlefront.

Very good game and improves on the origional in every way.