Star Wars Ep's 4-6 on rails shoot-em-up.

User Rating: 7.2 | Star Wars Arcade 32X
A launch title for the 32X of the popular arcade cabinet game.
Several timed levels where you maneuver your X/Y-Wing around the screen while shooting down as many TIE Fighters as you can. The Death Star run to blow up the reactors is also featured. I say maneuver, however your course has already been set and you only have a small margin of movement primarily to set up your laser sights and avoid the TIE' laser blasts. Two player gaming is featured with one person controlling the ship with fixed lasers and the other controlling the Y-Wing' turret. Polygonal graphics (at the time of release) had never looked or moved so well as in Star Wars Arcade. Sound-wise was superb with good voice overs and excellent sound effects that were true to the movies. All in all it is a very credible conversion with all the ups and downs an arcade game in your living room has. While it has the looks, movement and sound of an near perfect conversion it is also a game designed to be played in bursts and eat up your pounds (sterling) by the wallet full. To this end the arcade games difficulty was ramped up and the few levels were rather short. To compensate for this there is a 32X mode where several levels were created specifically for the home machine, exclusives if you like.
If you get the chance then I recommend you try your hand at flying against the Empire with this game. Who knows? You too may be able to get an X-Wing droid to scream just like R2!