Saw it at E3 and there is alot of Potential Here.

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They were very guarded with the game as they would not even show the main character nor give us his name, but what they showed off was great. At first glance I thought they were trying to make a Star Wars Mass Effect style game with the early combat and such that they showed, but there appears to be much more to it. Our thoughts on it are below.

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Despite the pretty graphics, the gameplay looked very linear and uninspired. Third person cover based platformer trying to copy Uncharted gameplay is crap, sorry. LA does not posses the relevant resources to make a good quality game... let alone a great game like BF, KOTR, JK all of which were developed by companies outside of LA. FreeRadical employees were cited in last months GI stating that the heads at LA were absolute psychopaths that fought them every step of the way in development of BF3. This company is in the top 3 that need to seriously be boycotted, Valve would be number one though.
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1313 Dead End Drive (board game) > SW1313
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It looks fun I'll give it that but it looks alot like uncharted.

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i totally agreed cinematic interaction,climbing,partners and of course the most obvious the third person shooting system which are very similar aspect of uncharted. its should be named star wars UNCHARTED SPACE.