trouble loading saved offline (splitscreen) co-op game

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I played last night with my wife but when we try to continue the game today, it keeps starting in single player. We're both logged on but when we choose continue game, it just starts with 1 person playing kirk and spock is controlled by the computer. Anyone having the same problem? Is there a fix?
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You can select chapter, then player 2 can enter just as before, but.... Prepare yourself, what I'm about to tell you is horrible. Ready? Player 2 will be back to 0 XP, and none of the upgrades you may have purchased. I sure hope this is something that can be fixed in a patch, but I doubt it. Just like most current couch co-ops, it's a big fail, and simply for this reason.
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Thanks so much for posting this advice. Two 9yo boys were devastated tonight when they broke for dinner, then discovered only one could return to the game. At least they are back playing. Red-Ted
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We just experienced this exact same problem. Played last night, saved progress and when we went to play again today it would only load as 1 player. Tried many different things before coming here to see that others have had this issue. Had to re-start at the beginning of the chapter in order to play 2 players. So annoying. Now we know to play on to the next chapter before shutting it off entirely. For a game that was promoted as being a co-op game, this is a terrible problem to have. Not impressed.