Rogue Squadron on GB is better than this.

User Rating: 4.8 | Star Trek: Shattered Universe XBOX
Being a Star Trek fan, I thought that this would be the first in a new line of Star Trek games, but sadly, my hopes were squashed to a fine powder and sprinkled on the crap that is this. This game takes place aboard the ISS Excelsior with the crew of the USS Excelsior on board through some half-headed crossover idea. You are an officer forced to pilot a fighter and defend the Excelsior (A ship that big and they need you to fight for them; what are they, chickens?) The graphics are fairly decent, but that unfortunately is it. The game is extremely hard, even on Easy, which really defeats the purpose of Easy. It is so bad that cheating (Yes, cheating) is the only way you will have fun, which says a lot about it. A few things might have saved this, like an online compatibility, a not so cheesy Original Series-copied storyline, and maybe the ability to choose upgrades to your fighter. Unless you are die-hard for every Star Trek game made, you would be better off playing Rogue Squadron because you get the same thing there, and a little more, than playing this sad excuse for a Star Trek game. At least Legacy appears to be better than this, but I'll just wait and see.