Think very, very ard before you buy.. even if from a bargain bin..

User Rating: 2 | Star Trek: Shattered Universe XBOX
This Space Sim is worst then most; I bought it a long time ago in EB, and only now decided to crack the case.. wish I'd broken the CD instead now..

I was wrong.. as all the reviews to date on this game have stated, this is a game that would have to be taken apart to be fixed. Dodgy AI, lame storyline and the very annoyingness of gameplay would only make this game stand out on a pile of effulent.. and even then, it would be pretty close as to which one was better.

So my advice is this; if you see this game in a store anywhere, immediately recommend that it be taken off the shelf, trod on and ground into tiny pieces.. Because the only truly good thing about this game is the box art. That looks cool.

(P.S. - I am looking forward to the release of ST - Legacy; seems like an intresting slant on the space sim experience.. kinda like BZ2 for the X-Box..)