Only star trek fans and true space fighting games fans will understand this game.

User Rating: 8.9 | Star Trek: Shattered Universe PS2
I really liked this game because for the most important reason, it is a star trek game. That by itself would get me to like it. But I liked the shooting and the constant ships that constantly were coming against you. It amazed me how such small ships could destroy some of those bigger ships and starbases, but it was fun to do anyway. Some of those missions were pretty cheap and hard to beat, but it was fun to play. I never imagined the federation being the bad guys, and it sparked my interest when I read about it over the internet before I bought it. I only saw the alternate universe in some Deep space nine episodes and the old series episodes and i hoped this game could show me more about the alternate universe. I really learned alot from it to about the different ships in this version of star trek and I just love chasing ships all the time and just destroying them Overall, this is a good game but if your not a shooting fan or a star trek fan, then I suggest to at least rent it, because you just wont understand.