Underestimated to an extent.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Trek: Shattered Universe PS2
I believe that Star Trek: Shatttered Universe is a somewhat underestimated game. Although the storyline is a little out of whack, i think the overall game play proves to be fun.
The controls are pretty simple to learn, and the missions prove to not be that difficult. Unfortunately, that proves to be a flaw because it makes the game relatively easy.
The graphics are pretty decent in the game. They depict the characters and ships well, not to mention ship damage, weapons, shields, etc.
The storyline is pretty retarded. I think had it not been a shattered universe, but rather something else, the story line would have been better. But it was still unique and interesting in my opinion.
Overall, I still believe the game is underestimated like no other. However, I can totally understand why people are giving it hell.