Much better than the PC version.

User Rating: 8 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
When the PC version of Star Trek:Legacy came out, it had numerous bugs and glitches. There was even one bug which locked the game when you entered the Pause menu (Luckily, this bug was fixed with an update that came out a day later).
The controls were also pretty **** up. You had to use keys spread all over your keyboard, PLUS the mouse to move the camera.

The Xbox 360 version is much better.
The controls are much easier to handle, and much of the bugs have been fixed.
Some of the annoying features of the PC version are still there, like when you crash into a planet or space station, you just fly on easily, and nothing takes damge.
Also, you still can't create your own Skirmish fights, you can only select your own ships.
But that does'nt really matter, because in the real Star Trek, i don't think Starfleet picks they're own enemies.
" i want to fight a Klingon Bird-Of-Prey".

The missions are quite hard, and easily take a long time.
The graphics are still pretty good, as well as the music.
It also has voices of all the main captains from the series.

Overall, it's a pretty good game.