Nice looking game, but deeply flawed.

User Rating: 3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
This game would be great if all the missions were solo missions. But unfortunately, the games difficulty is tuned to you having 3 other ships in your fleet. And its possibly the worst AI every made. 70% of the time it can function, but that's only because you are usually doing actions yourself, that count as orders for them. But other than that, the AI is terrible. They will sit there doing absolutely nothing while a battle is going on or one will break off and take on 5 ships all by its lonesome, spelling certain death for it. And trying to give a ship any orders and hoping they follow it, is a crap shoot. If you were throwing 20 dice and hoping you get 10 pairs of 7.

And the repair system is tedious and cumbersome. Instead of a "everyone repair "button or even "repair all systems" button for one ship. You must select every ship and click each system to tell it to repair manually.

Telling a ship to go somewhere is also a huge pain. Right clicking on the tactical map will seeming be a warp order, and they should warp if able. But it seems they only do it when they feel like it or you tell them over and over. So, you have to right click over and over and wait a few seconds to see if they will go to warp. Oops, clicked again too soon and they went to warp? That's ok, your ships will drop out of warp, and decide again if they want to go to warp, just to adjust course by a few degrees.

If you see this on some bargain website or on steam or some other thing saying "hey, check it, a cheap game AND its star trek" save your cash.