A 50% instant classic!

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
Ahhhh star trek that old chessnut the old fans getting to run around in brillaintly designed ships and fun combat situations. This is what star trek legacy seems to offer to people who arent even dedicated fans which is what the game does.

The campaign is very linear unfortunately with 15 missions covering all the known TREK areas from archer in the old school NX to captain picard in the finest ship in the federation fleet. The game itself is very fun the missions are sometimes simple kill everyone you meet but some do actually have better meaning like stop asteroids destroying an entire sector! (annoying but a good mission in the end) or hold the borg off while we evacuate an entire sector (a fun mission full of cannon fodder)

But the game itself lacks something, for a start the AI although not completely stupid only feels 50% complete and thats just the enemy fleet the allied ships arent much helps unless you keep control of them all which isnt too difficult but is very annoying. And using a 2D map for a 3D space game wasnt the best of ideas but it does work to a certain point.
Multiplayer can be fun but only usually 1vs1 anything above is almost impossible due to XBOX LIVE issues that the game has.

Overalll the game doesnt feel completely finished does make a good impression if only there was a patch to fix the bugs and the online issues this game could be a 9.0!!!!! anyway in the end star trek legacy is a brilliant game for new fans and it contains a strong story for the old school fans even if the storyline appears to be ambitious.