Pure Rubbish.

User Rating: 1 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Before Star Trek Legacy was released, people were bored and just couldn't wait for it's end. But when it came out and people binned it, they seemed to be disappointed because of the terrible controls and ting, boring campaign mode, I say yes! Personally I think this game a total waste and I just don't see why people love it. I am a Star trek hater and I will always bin this game whatever the controversy about it. The ships look distrubbing, the campaign modes story line is diasterous and the battles are just calm and unexciting. I just can't find a single thing right with it. I don't think the controls are hard just stupid, but very impossible to master. You can also change between different ships in your fleet which is just waste of space and your time. The maps are not detailed and make battles more stupid and sad, especially with the princesses coming from the destroyed ships. I think it's just disasterous and I am going to give it 0 out of 10!! This game is a total waste of time and dont buy it, i would rather play teletubbies or dora the explorer. Star trek sucks!