Uneven difficulty and some bizzare movement make this hard to love... even for a fan of Trek.

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
I was _really_ excited to get this game... unfortunately, I'm left feeling disappointed. The graphics are nice, playing the various factions and various ships are nice. But... the AI of the other 3 ships in your group is not good, you're left to jump around to the con of your various ships _alot_ to keep them from blowing up. The difficulty of the different missions is wildly variable, from wow-that-was-easy, to holy-cow-I'll-never-do-it. And planets are little spheres barely larger than your ship. You can bump and "rub" them like a cat rubbing its masters leg.
The other strange aspect is that you can have ships in your squadron with wildly different capabilities and from different eras. Again, this just seemed too strange and not in alignment with canon.
I so wanted to like this game. Too bad.