Beamed aboard..then pattern lost

User Rating: 5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
This game could be so much more. Wonderful graphics, great voice acting from original cast an crew and the ships are perfect to the series.

However the controls...terrible terrible controls. First they are far to complicated an second..they just don't work.
You can lock on to a ship to track it an then your ship seems to wander off an forget whats targeted. In thew second mission you are requested to guard a research outpost. On easy i just couldn't win an Ive played many hundreds of games. The reason i cant win is because i cant lock into to anything an when i do...i fire phasers...try to fire torpedo...hey where did my torpedo's go?

To follow that up the camera is useless in battle an I had plenty of times when i just go so confused with the cam bouncing everywhere i couldn't fight..low an behold..everyone been vaporized.

SO..great ships..awesome graphics..great voice acting..the ONLY things to truly let this game down is learning curve, controls, an shear difficulty even on easy mode.