Star Trek Legacy is a great game that has a lot of potential for modding. Just remember this is NOT a Bridge Commander 2

User Rating: 8.1 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
As long as your not looking for a Bridge Commander 2, This is a great game.

Gameplay: The story line is quite addictive, and has a good plot. The story lines, for the time I've been playing it, ties in to the other missions of the same era pretty well. Though, I did not rate this that high, because the controls take a while to get used to.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. Ship models look nice, though some of the damage and explosion graphics aren't that great. The backgrounds look nice, but could be better.

Sound: Sound wise, this game rocks. The acting seems like Im hearing the TV Show, except for the supporting actors. They seem just like most games, kind of crappy compared to the Captains. Ship sounds are great, though not the best.

Overview: Those who thought this would be a BC2, will be disappointed as this is a completely different game. On the other hand, people need to remember, BC was not the greatest game in the world when it came out, but now, after all the modding, is one of the best ever,. This game looks like its got lots of potential once the modding community sinks its teeth into it. If you want a good Tactical ship-to-ship combat game, pick this up, just be prepared to get a little stressed out with the controls.