Mediocre Star Trek game if not a letdown.

User Rating: 5.3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I was expecting something more from Bethesda and Mad Doc for a game that uses the Star Trek brand. However, the game is seriously lacking features that are going to be unforgivable in the game market. The graphics of the game are not what you would expect from a 2006+ game with textures looking washed out and starships lacking detail. In contrast the graphics of Bridge Commander are by far the best and we are talking about an older game. Gameplay is surely console oriented and it seems as though they "had" to built the game for the PC as if not to lose target audience. Sound is good but not anything extreme and the acting from the big names their voices you hear are not that interesting. In the end the game is only for serious Star Trek fans and for people like me which just want to have "easy" fun with the game which MIGHT be the games winning point.