I got to say i like the game, The graphics could have been boosted a little, but overall i like the things they did.

User Rating: 8.4 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I don't know what people expect, I got to give the game a 8.4 and i was going to give it a 9.0 but i i say all the bad reviews. Perhaps i haven't played it long enough yet. I've got though the first mission played a few skirmishes and i haven't really found anything i hate about it. I guess peoples expectations were up there. It reminds me of that Star Trek game that came out on the SNES years ago. I Loved that game and i think i'm going to love this game. I'll dis a game if it deserves to be dised but i see people giving this game a 4 or less, I think if anything it deserves a 7. If you were considering buying it, look for a demo of the game first and give it a try before you decide not to. I like the game. I play games like Battlefield 2142, Oblivion IV, Titan Quest, and other hardware bashing games. This game deserves a second look from the bashers that gave it a 4 or less. Thats my 2 cents worth :P.

T. Reign