This has very little to do with Star Trek...other than using the ships.

User Rating: 5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I bought this game with the expectation that it be a decent Star Trek experience. What I ended up with was a game that is a constant grind of the exact same types of engagements repeated each mission ad nauseum. Star Trek is about exploration and only about combat when it is absolutely necessary. I knew this was something of a combat sim. But, at the same time, I thought there would be some variety. I enjoyed the game a heck of a lot more when I hooked up the Xbox 360 controller. It seems like this game was merely a port from the Xbox 360. It's also nice to see the classic ships and current ships in action. Bearing down on a Klingon D7 with your refit Constitution Class Starship is quite a thrill..... But, it gets old when it is repeated each mission with different objectives!! The Repetitive gaming trend is getting boring. Constant dungeon crawling, repetitive flying missions with only different objectives---all this has been done and done again. Where is the innovation and interest? Where is the exploration? None of this is here in Star Trek Legacy. It's just a space combat sim using Star Trek ships! There is a thin storyline that ties all the eras in together. But, it is so weak a storyline that it could have been used in a single mission! This is sad. This is not Star Trek. Bethesda just published this game and didn't program it---and it shows. Oblivion was, and still is, an excellent RPG with TONS of depth and excellent player modding.

Perhaps modding will save this game? I certainly hope so.....